Why do we set an expiry date to redeem a report that I've purchased?

For the most part, reports are purchased and used as part of the vehicle purchase process. This is typically 30 to 90 days, so most people do not run in to any issues.

To avoid fraudulent activity by third parties, such as reselling, misrepresentation and overcharging of our reports, we include an expiry on report purchases.

We want to make sure that when you purchase a VHR, you are receiving the correct product with the information you expect, every time.

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Why is the data in my 3 Vehicle History Reports + 1 Lien Check order valid for 180 days?

3 Vehicle History Reports + 1 Lien Check (formerly VALUE Pack) orders are designed based on research by CARFAX Canada and our partners that indicates most used vehicle purchasing decisions are made within this time frame.

It's worth noting that while all included reports must be redeemed within 180 days, each report generated within a 3 Vehicle History Reports + 1 Lien Check order is still accessible for 180 days from date the report was generated.

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